4 Nice Pallets for Sale ~ Keep your Items Dry - farm & garden - by owner - sale - craigslist (2024)

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The actual Pallets in the ad have long since been sold, but I have more that are Much Newer Looking. Same size.

I have Many Many Many "Size " Pallets for Sale - I can build some for you as well. I also build Shipping Crates. I build Pallets that are narrow enough to put along your garage or basem*nt wall to stack Firewood on. as narrow as 18 t0 20 inches. This Makes for a Nice stacking job. Dirt, Bugs, and Mold can build up when wood is on Any type of Ground, even interior concrete. Reasonably priced, 20 dollars each for Custom size pallets.

4 Pallets for 1 low Price - Sure you can drive around searching for "FREE" pallets. What you will find is in the pictures
4 - 5 and 6. A lot of Rubbish, go waste your expensive Petrol, wear out your Tires and put a lot of mileage on your Very expensive Truck. Mileage is your trucks enemy. AND, Your time has No Value? Here for 60.00 all that is done for you, by me. For 60.00 Simple. I just work where I have access to "Good" Pallets. I dont get all that many and I use many to make other size pallets. Time is money where I live.

Store your Cardboard Boxed Valuable Items or Firewood Off the Ground ~ OR ~ Out of the Water in your Basem*nt or Garage ~ All 4 are the exact same size and style. If you are an Orderly Person, That Matters - To me it Really does Matter.
The 1st 3 pics are the Pallets I am ( Was) selling. The size is on them in the pics. They look a little decolored and they were. They were Solid Oak Pallets. Hard to find these any more. They are now Going to cheap softwood throwaway pallets, like the Amazon boxes you throw away, as well as composite wood crap.

These are Pallets I spent several hours and Expensive Fuel in a Large PU Truck running around NH looking for. I am fussy, I like the whole, unbroken, unmolested, and Solid Pallets. Those are hard to find for free.

Pallet Recycle Companies get Most of the Best Free Pallets and they Sell them for 15 or 20 dollars Each.

When working with Pallets it is so much easier when the Pallets are all the same size and NOT Broken. So here we have 4 Pallets the same size for 15.00 each. Easy 4-minute PU time.

I can tell you that NO Pallets are Free, Someone pays for them at some point, Always. Businesses that use a lot of Pallets pay as much as 45.00 each when new. Many Pallets are Recycled and Re-Used. When you purchase a ton of Heating Pellets, I assure you that it was YOU that paid for that FREE pallet! The price of that Pallet is built right into the price you paid for your Ton of Pellets, that's the Cost of doing Business. Or it a rebuilt wreck. I bought some Pellets last month and the pallet They were on looked like it had been sexually molested at least a few times.

Businesses usually Only give pallets for Free when they are damaged and no longer usable for them.

The last few pics is what you Generally see when you go to get the "FREE" pallets. They are pics I took when I arrived on location and being Angry for the Time and Fuel I wasted going to look at " FREE " Pallets listed here on CL, every one of them was Junk.

I have Built a Shed with a Roof on it with Open Sides - That is where I store my Firewood now, and also build pallets. Its a Modest Paying Hobby really. These are all in Great Shape and all 4 Exactly the same size Never used outside on the Ground, Great for damp locations like water in the basem*nt or shed or garage.

4 for 60.00 … … ...These can be Utilized for any of a Dozen Jobs - Suitable for any Use if the size is Right ~ Can be used to Build a Hen House or Chicken Coop.
These are in Great shape and can be used for Shipping Products ~

I cannot Guarantee this: They are 2 way - Can be picked up with Fork Truck or Tractor from any of the 4 Sides. Sometimes they are and sometimes not. I take what I can get honestly. I work hard and people sometimes share "Good Pallets" with me as a favor.

Custom Pallets and Custom Shipping Crates Built ~ I am Often Building Custom Size Pallets so you can put them anywhere you might need to Elevate Items. Custom size pallets can be built to fit in your SUV for easy transportY

How would you like to purchase 2 or 3 Custom pallets that will fit in you vehicle to take home. I can and do make them for basem*nt closets. With standard size pallets you need a PU Truck to pick them up. I can do that for Virtually the same price as the full-size ones. I am often building different size ones for my own use as well as for some of my regular customers and others, so it is a weekly event. So, if the ones in the 1st 3 pictures are too big, Tell me what size you are needing, These are 40 inches by 48 inches, this is the MOST common size used.

4 Nice Pallets for Sale ~ Keep your Items Dry - farm & garden - by owner - sale - craigslist (2024)


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