Which stock is the most expensive stock? (2024)

Which stock is the most expensive stock?

1. Berkshire Hathaway: Berkshire Hathaway, the investment company run by Warren Buffett has a stock price of $467,660/ share.

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What stock makes you the most money?

Alongside Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA), and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Adobe Inc. (NASDAQ:ADBE) is one of the best money making stocks to invest in. In its Q3 2023 investor letter, Polen Capital, an asset management firm, highlighted a few stocks and Adobe Inc.

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How do you know which stock is more expensive?

To find a stock's PEG, take the P/E ratio and divide it by the growth rate. In some cases, PEG ratios can provide a clearer picture of a stock's value than the P/E ratio. If the value is more than 1, the stock is overvalued compared to its growth rate.

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What is the highest stock price of Amazon?

The all-time high Amazon stock closing price was 186.12 on July 08, 2021. The Amazon 52-week high stock price is 181.41, which is 1.7% above the current share price. The Amazon 52-week low stock price is 97.70, which is 45.2% below the current share price. The average Amazon stock price for the last 52 weeks is 137.92.

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What are top 10 most expensive stocks?

Top 10 Most Expensive Stocks with Performance
CompanyMarket CapBook Value Per Share
Berkshire Hathaway Inc.781.834B363,303.28
Lindt & Sprüngli AG25.514B18,698.74
Next Plc10.861B9.06
Seaboard Corporation3.584B4,449.60
6 more rows
Jan 23, 2024

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What is the 2nd most expensive stock?

Top 10 Most Expensive Stocks In The World in 2024: From Chipotle To Berkshire Hathaway
  • Berkshire Hathaway – $303,100.00.
  • Lindt & Sprüngli AG – $72,037.79.
  • Next Plc – $6,553.89.
  • Seaboard Corporation – $4,019.26.
  • NVR Inc. – $2,900.02.
  • Booking Holdings Inc. – $2,033.79.
  • Amazon Inc. – $1,500.25.
  • Markel Corporation – $1,116.30.
Mar 19, 2024

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What stocks are hot right now?

Most Actives
SymbolNamePrice (Intraday)
AAPLApple Inc.171.93
CLSKCleanSpark, Inc.21.66
RIVNRivian Automotive, Inc.11.02
NVDANVIDIA Corporation906.72
21 more rows

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What stock will make me rich in 10 years?

In addition to Tesla, Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT), Amazon.com Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) and NVIDIA Corp (NASDAQ:NVDA) are among the top stocks hedge funds and Wall Street analysts are buying.

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What stock will boom in 2024?

10 Best Growth Stocks to Buy for 2024
StockExpected Change in Stock Price*
Tesla Inc. (TSLA)61%
Mastercard Inc. (MA)14.2%
Salesforce Inc. (CRM)7.2%
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD)11.3%
6 more rows
5 days ago

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How much do you need to invest in stocks to become a millionaire?

Assuming that you can earn this 10% average return over your investing career, if you are getting started investing this year and you want to become a millionaire in 30 years, you would need to invest $506.60 per month. This amount may seem like a lot, but it may actually be pretty doable for many people.

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Is it worth buying one share of stock?

Is it worth buying one share of stock? Absolutely. In fact, with the emergence of commission-free stock trading, it's quite feasible to buy a single share. Several times in recent months, I've bought a single share of stock to add to a position simply because I had a small amount of cash in my brokerage account.

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Are more expensive stocks better?

But, on the other hand, high-priced stocks act differently than low-priced stocks. Due to their market value, they are considered less volatile. Hence investors invest in high-priced stocks because they are known for their long-term capabilities of generating returns.

Which stock is the most expensive stock? (2024)
Is Tesla a buy or sell?

Tesla has a conensus rating of Hold which is based on 10 buy ratings, 18 hold ratings and 6 sell ratings. What is Tesla's price target? The average price target for Tesla is $207.74. This is based on 34 Wall Streets Analysts 12-month price targets, issued in the past 3 months.

Is Google a buy or sell?

Alphabet stock has received a consensus rating of buy. The average rating score is and is based on 91 buy ratings, 8 hold ratings, and 0 sell ratings.

Is Apple a buy or sell?

Apple's analyst rating consensus is a Moderate Buy. This is based on the ratings of 28 Wall Streets Analysts.

Who is No 1 in share market?

Reliance Industries, a conglomerate holding company, is the largest company in India by market cap. It operates in various sectors, including energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications.

What company is worth the most?

Top 10 Companies by Market Cap in 2024
CompanySectorMarket Cap (in USD)
#1 MicrosoftTechnology$3.1 trillion
#2 AppleTechnology$2.68 trillion
#3 NvidiaTechnology$2.21 trillion
#4 Saudi AramcoOil & Gas$2.01 trillion
6 more rows
Mar 19, 2024

What stock to invest today?

Stocks to Buy Today
1 more row

What is the highest Google stock has ever been?

Historical daily share price chart and data for Alphabet since 2014 adjusted for splits and dividends. The latest closing stock price for Alphabet as of March 27, 2024 is 151.94. The all-time high Alphabet stock closing price was 154.84 on January 29, 2024.

What is the most expensive thing on earth?

  • Feb 4, 2024. 10 most expensive things on the planet. ...
  • Most expensive things. When you want to splurge, what do you purchase? ...
  • Yacht History Supreme. ...
  • Antilia. ...
  • The Card Players Painting. ...
  • International Space Station. ...
  • Hubble Space Telescope. ...
  • Crown Jewels.
Feb 4, 2024

What president had the highest stock market?

And the shocking leader of the bunch? President Calvin Coolidge, who took office in 1923, whose stock price performance change was a whopping 208.52%, for an average monthly return of 1.74%. That's the largest for any president since the start of the 20th century.

What is the fastest rising stock right now?

Day Gainers
SymbolName% Change
MKCMcCormick & Company, Incorporated+10.52%
SWAVShockwave Medical, Inc.+10.04%
APPFAppFolio, Inc.+9.81%
RDDTReddit, Inc.+8.88%
21 more rows

What are top 10 stocks to buy?

List of 10 Best Shares to Buy For Long Term in India
  • Reliance Industries Limited (RIL): Sector: Conglomerate. ...
  • HDFC Bank Limited: Sector: Banking and Finance. ...
  • Infosys Limited: ...
  • Titan Company Limited: ...
  • Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T): ...
  • Asian Paints Limited: ...
  • TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) Limited: ...
  • Bajaj Finance Limited:
Mar 19, 2024

What are the top 3 most active stocks today?

Most Active Share Volume

Tesla, Inc. Apple Inc. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Micron Technology, Inc.

How much will $1,000 invested be worth in 20 years?

As you will see, the future value of $1,000 over 20 years can range from $1,485.95 to $190,049.64.
Discount RatePresent ValueFuture Value
25 more rows


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